The Scouse Science Podcast

In front of a live online audience, award-winning science communicator, doctor and researcher Professor Tom Solomon hosts a regular discussion of cutting-edge science in Liverpool and its wider impact on society. In each program, Tom talks with a leading researcher on the scientific progress being made and chats about the broader implications with a famous face.

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Scouse Science Podcast Episode 21 with Rt. Hon Matt Hancock MP Live at Westminster (preview)


For this, the last episode in the current series hosted in Westminster by Professor Tom Solomon and Holly O'Dea, the former Secretary of State for Health, the Rt. Hon Matt Hancock discusses the critical collaborative role of the Government and its' agencies including the NHS and the MHRA with academia and the private sector together with public engagement in the UK's response to Covid-19. Matt answers a range of viewers questions about the challenges of Covid-19 transmission in care homes and the value of the Nightingale hospitals during the pandemic.

The Scouse Science Podcast Episode 20 - the Music Science Edition (preview)

In this, the first music science edition hosted Professor Tom Solomon with Holly Ellis, our guests were International DJ, producer, promoter and Circus co-founder Yousef with Dr Eduardo Coutinho, founder and Director of the Applied Music Research Lab at the University of Liverpool which aims to harness the power of music to improve people’s lives. In this episode, Yousef, a pivotal player in ‘The First Dance’, the official trial event forming part of the Governments’ Covid-19 Event Research programme tells us about how he and the team were told they had only 3 weeks to bring these first large-scale, public events together. Eduardo speaks about his experiences of research into music acting as an ‘emotional contagion’ and its role in our earliest forms of human communication and how it might have underpinned mating success. Meanwhile Tom brings the exhilarating soundscape created by Yousef directly to the Scouse Science podcast attendees.