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Roald Dahl not only wrote George's Marvellous Medicine, he also came up with some marvellous medicine of his own. In this sell-out show, Dahl's doctor Professor Tom Solomon describes his amazing medical inventions, and uses Dahl's stories to explain how the body works, what can do wrong, and how we can fix it. You'll play Battle of the Brain Bugs to learn how vaccines work, make your own phizziwhizzing potions, and produce Gobblefunk.

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Tackling UK Brain Infections

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Photos from previous events

Tom Solomon is Professor of Neurology and Director of the Institute of Infection and Global Health at the University of Liverpool. As well as looking after patients with brain diseases, and researching brain infections like Zika, he is an award winning science communicator, publishing his book Roald Dahl's Marvellous Medicine in 2016. 

"Solomon is a skilful and experienced science communicator. His delivery was light . .  reminiscent of a stand-up comedian at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe." Peter Ranscombe, Lancet.

"Fascinating, marvellous, absolutely inspiring" Sarah Ng

"very inspiring for the young scientists in the crowd" Lucy Lisanti


Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 16-23 August 2017 - DETAILS


"Open House" Liverpool, Sat 20 May 2017 - SOLD OUT

British Neuroscience Association, Birmingham, 11 April 2017 - DETAILS


Roald Dahl Museum, Buckinghamshire,11 March 2017 - SOLD OUT

Northern Ireland Science Festival 17 Feb  2017 - SOLD OUT

University of Liverpool Victoria Gallery 17 Dec 2016 - SOLD OUT

Canterbury Festival 27 Oct 2016 - SOLD OUT

Liverpool Literary Festival 29 Oct 2016 - SOLD OUT

Edinburgh Science Festival 30 Mar 2016 - SOLD OUT



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