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The Christmas Show - Roald Dahl's Marvellous Medicine

Talk about a sell out! 510 people registered for this free event at the Victoria Gallery and Museum's Leggate Theatre, which has a capacity of 250; we managed to squeeze in 315, before we had to close the doors (sorry to those that couldn't get in - we did warn you, first come first served!).

Aided by his Christmas elves, Tom used Roald Dahl’s stories in this fun interactive Christmas show, to explain how the body works, what can go wrong and how we can fix it! We also learned what Roald Dahl thought about Christmas, and saluted his hero Mother Christmas!

Afterwards Tom signed copies of his book, Roald Dahl's Marvellous Medicine, whilst the little Oompa-Loompas made their own "marvellous medicine", shrank their Grannies, produced "Gobblefunk", and created their own "colourful Christmas brains" to take home; this was thanks to helpers from the Institute of Infection and Global Health's public engagement team, and Liverpool University's Central Teaching Labs.

The event was supported with funding from the Wellcome Trust, and was one of the Victoria Gallery and Museum's Family Saturdays.

Photos below, and lots more on Facebook.

There are LOADS MORE PHOTOS from the event on FACEBOOK (If you spot yourself, please add a tag)

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