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BBC Radio 4's Saturday Live

Listen to an abridged version of the programme here (20 mins).

Listen to the full programme here (1 hr 30 mins).

Real life but not as you know it. Radio 4's Saturday morning show, hosted by Aasmah Mir and the Rev. Richard Coles, brings you extraordinary stories and remarkable people. Tom Solomon joined comedian David Baddiel, Olympic diver Chris Mears, and Paleobiologist Dr Tori Herridge.

On the centenary of Roald Dahl's birth, Dr Tom Solomon discusses how the writer's fascination with medicine inspired many of his characters such as the BFG. As a junior doctor, Tom shared many late night conversations with the writer and gained a unique perspective on the celebrated author.Comedian and writer David Baddiel on writing for children and whether death and dementia make good subjects for comedy. Olympic diver Chris Mears won gold in Rio in spectacular style. He reveals how a brush with death inspired his success and his sideline as a music producer. Palaeobiologist Dr Tori Herridge tells us about mysterious asteroid craters in Britain and her search for fossil dwarf elephants. Plus the Inheritance Tracks of former Chelsea manager and Dutch international Rudd Gullit.

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